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What are the barbecue shop renovations? BBQ shop decoration tips


Many people like to eat barbecue. In addition to the delicious work done by the barbecue, the barbecue shop should also pay attention to the decoration. Whether it is the decoration style or the use of decoration color, it is the only way to determine the hot sales of this barbecue shop. In this case, what should you pay attention to when decorating the barbecue restaurant? Then let Xiaobian take everyone to see the relevant contents of the barbecue restaurant decoration related content.


First, what is the decoration skill of the barbecue shop?

1. Decoration investment

There is no need to invest too much in the decoration of the barbecue shop. The barbecue itself is a place where people who like to be busy will come. The decoration is too delicate and it is restrained. The casual and comfortable environment will make the customers open their minds. On the other hand, the decoration will not have residual value, so we must keep enough liquidity to support the long-term operation of the store.

2, clean and sanitary

The grille fume focuses on the well-known, if the whole environment makes customers feel clean, it will be more valuable than other renovations. Therefore, no matter what barbecue shop, the place where the food is placed must be clean and tidy. The wall table and chair is made of dirty-resistant color, and the lighting makes the whole store look extra clean, which will add a lot of points to the customer's heart.

3, material fire and moisture

The decoration materials of the kitchen must be resistant to water and high temperature. The barbecue room is both a place of fire and a place where water is easily accumulated. If the decoration materials are not resistant to high temperatures, it is easy to have safety problems and increase the cost of decoration. Therefore, the fireproof and moisture-proof decoration materials are selected from the beginning.

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4, highlighting the excitement

The lively atmosphere of the barbecue restaurant is a very prominent feature, and it will also be delicious when eaten. Therefore, in order to preserve and carry forward this feature, the barbecue shop should try to do less private rooms, and it can be separated by screen or partition. The space of 4-6 people in each compartment can be set up with more space according to the situation. !

Second, the decoration style of the barbecue shop


The decoration of the barbecue shop must be simple, generous and clean as the main style. Personality innovation is the most important and can attract many customers. The decoration environment is sure to attract a lot of customers, but it must be divided into specific situations.

If the store is not in the bustling area, the surrounding environment is also very general, then do not elaborate, or it will be very awkward, so that customers are discouraged. Simple and generous, it looks comfortable. If the size of the barbecue restaurant is relatively large and it is in a prosperous area, it can be better decorated. In this case, the decoration can make the store appreciate.

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Third, the decoration of the barbecue shop

1. Floor tiles should be non-slip

The floor often appears wet after the water is used. If the sanitary cleaning is not advanced in advance, it is easy to catch up with the passengers. It is easy to accidentally slip the guests. This kind of accident is only once and it is more difficult.

2, the configuration of tables and chairs

The choice of table and chair is simple, but the chair must have a backrest. It is very necessary. If the guest is very tired, and if it is slightly unstable, it will happen to the other side. The most important thing is a comfortable one. degree.

The table chooses some wood, it feels thicker style, the thickest glass is best placed on the table, so it will be more convenient when cleaning and it looks like the desktop is bright and beautiful, otherwise it will fade on any surface of the table. Case.

How about, read the above-mentioned introduction to the decoration of the barbecue shop, did you understand the contents of many barbecue shop decoration? I hope that you can learn more about home improvement knowledge through this article, and you will be able to create a more perfect home environment. Thank you for reading this article and your support and love for Xiaobian. If you want to get more information about home improvement, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home network.

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